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Investment Projects


Administration/Commercial Building located on , Kęstučio St. 26 / D. Poškos St. 24

This two-storey building of an original architecture was introduced in the exhibition „Mies von der rohe" in Barcelona in year 2001 and architects of the building  Dalius Nainys and Jūratė Raguckienė were awarded with the prize „Architektūrinė vinis 2002" for the architecture of the building in year 2002 by the Architects' Association of Lithuania. 



Marenta Business Center located on Kęstučio St. 65 / Sėlių St. 40

In December 2002 a three-storey business center Marenta, total space of 3,500 m² was finished, which meets the highest standards for office premises in its construction and equipment located on  Kęstučio St. 65 / Sėlių St. 40, Vilnius.



Marenta Business Center located on Kęstučio St. 59 / Lenktoji St. 27

In June 2005 the second Marenta business center was opened on the intersection of Kęstučio and Lenktoji Streets. This is a four-storey commercial/administration building of a modern architecture, which meets European standards, total space of which is 5,300 m² with an underground parking garage and a closed parking lot next to the building.


Administration/Storage Complex located in the Republic of Belarus

At February of 2012 the project was finished - an administration/storage complex in Bolshoj Trostenec village, Minsk region.